Hikari™ Pick-and-place-to-light Storage Cabinet

Hikari™ is an ultra high-density storage system used to conserve space and expedite product-handling tasks such as those related to stock management, prescription preparation and customer will-call.   

With the multi-color LED signaling system, the prescription or stock item location is identified instantly, improving staff retrieval time and accuracy. Hikari™ manages all types of pharmacy items:

  • Prescriptions:  vials and boxed items
  • Bulk prescription drug containers
  • Expensive OTC drugs
  • Para-pharmaceuticals

Seven benefits for using Hikari™ in your pharmacy:

  • Helps locate prescriptions or stock items quickly and accurately.
  • Supports up to 5 service areas, each facilitated by a dedicated color or blinking light.
  • Optimizes pharmacy space and inventory management processes.
  • Integrates with your pharmacy management software, if desired.
  • Customizable to your pharmacy’s container sizes.
  • Intuitive easy to use system.
  • Low cost, quick ROI.