eBox Adherence Monitoring Pouch Dispenser

The eBox automatically dispenses unit or multi-dose pouches at the time designated by the physician. The eBox requires validation from the patient during the drug administration process to ensure compliance with physician orders. The eBox administration and validation process is simple and easy to use:

  • eBox dispenses the pouch at administration time, sounding an alert to remind the patient to take it.
  • Patient acknowledges the alert by pressing a button on the eBox screen.
  • Patient takes the drug(s).
  • Patient confirms the drugs were taken by pressing a button on the eBox screen.
  • If the patient fails to validate in either step, an alert is sent to the responsible caregiver for further management and follow-up of the drug administration process.
  • Compliance statistics can be charted through the Health Monitor software and reported to the patient’s physician if necessary.